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In this inspiring book, you will learn to...
  •  Connect with your loved ones in Heaven!
  •  Live your BEST life!
  •  Remember who you are and what you came to Earth to do!
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In this inspiring book, you will learn to...

 Connect with your loved ones in Heaven!

 Live your BEST life!

 Remember who you are and what you came to Earth to do!
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Here's what I know about your Heavenly Loved Ones...
Your Heavenly loved ones want you to know they never left! They only left their bodies. Their spirit is eternal just as yours.

They remain with you and they want you to know that they are fine.

Your Heavenly loved ones can assist and guide and that is what they want to do.

You don’t have to walk forward in life without them.

And, you definitely DO NOT have to suffer in sadness and grief.

You came to Earth to live, to create, and to experience a wonderful life. Do it before your time is up. You and your loved ones in Heaven will be happy that you did.
I channel Jeremy’s information to share with you!
Rhonda Crockett Logue, Jeremy’s Earth Mom
I am Jeremy’s Earth Mom, Rhonda Crockett Logue, and I channel Jeremy’s information to share with you. I am a naturally gifted healer and guide who loves to assist others on their Life Journey. I have a Master’s Degree in Social Work along with Crystal and Energy Healing Certifications. I am the creator of Sprinkling Sunshine Holistic Healing and I work with people all over the world. I have spent much of my adult life working with foster families and enjoying the married life raising 5 wonderful children. Jeremy was my middle child and a true blessing.

However, it was only a few short years ago that I became enlightened, or awakened, when dealing with life circumstances and illnesses, and I discovered my Healing abilities and my Life Purpose. Little did I know through my transformation that I was also being prepared for Jeremy’s Transitioning Home to Heaven. His transition was the most difficult life experience I was ever presented with thus far. And I still miss Jeremy greatly in body. But once he transitioned, I quickly connected with my boy in his spirit form and Jeremy promised to help his loved ones through his passing into the afterlife, which he has done.

I am so proud of Jeremy for wanting to help and guide others as well through the grieving process, to finding understanding and peace, and to ultimately living a joyous life on Earth.
Jeremy Shares His Love From Above Has Already Helped
Countless People Around The World...
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?
Are Your Days Difficult To Get Through?
Is Happiness A Thing Of The Past?
Then Read These Amazing Stories From Actual, Real Readers...
Courtnea Smith Stark
New York
"I have found relief and consolation from this book."
"I just received "Jeremy Shares His Love From Above" as a gift.

I lost my son very tragically five months ago. I have been in so much pain and suffering since then that I began to wonder if I would ever be myself again.

After reading "Jeremy Shares His Love From Above," I have found relief and consolation from this book. Many questions were answered for me, and I am now able to find a reason to start each day with a positive outlook, and comfort knowing that I am not alone during my period of Grief.

I recommend this book for anyone grieving. It will change your outlook and give you a reason to look forward.

Thank you, Jeremy and Rhonda, for giving me just what I needed at this sad time to get me back to living my life with hope and joy." ~Courtnea Smith Stark's 5 Star Amazon Review
Change Your Outlook and Give You a Reason to Move Forward!
"This book is priceless!"
“The guidance from this book is priceless. You can feel the love and profound healing guidance available as soon as you begin reading it. I’m sure this is going to help many people.” ~Emmanuel Dagher, Best Selling Author, Easy Breezy Prosperity and Easy Breezy Miracle

Emmanuel Dagher
Best Selling Author
You cannot put a price tag on this book!  Get your copy today!
Elisa Medhus, MD
"His declarations brought chills to the bone and opened my heart..."
"The stories and life lessons as told by Jeremy in his book are certainly authentic and inspiring. His declarations brought chills to the bone and opened my heart as I read. Anyone wishing to know more about life after death ought to read about what Jeremy feels and experiences in his spirit world. The flow of his blissful wisdom, channeled and written with his mother, is a simple read and will broaden your mind’s knowledge on Spirit and Divine Source." ~Elisa Medhus, MD, Author, My Son And The Afterlife and My Life after Death, A Memoir From Heaven
Broaden your mind’s knowledge on Spirit and Divine Source! Go for it!
"I love everything I learned about life, spirit, relationships, and myself."
“Jeremy Shares His Love From Above is an extraordinary book. It has a powerful message and offers much enlightenment. Jeremy’s words bring a deep sense of peace, happiness and understanding. I love everything I learned about life, spirit, relationships, and myself. Thank you, Jeremy!” ~ Linda Rash 
Linda Rash
Enjoy your life again!  Get your copy today!
Melinda Tobacco
"It shifted my mood to love and happiness!"
"The enlightening information presented in this book brings much joy to the reader. It quickly shifts one’s mood to love and happiness!” ~ Melinda Tobacco
You deserve love and hapiness TODAY!
"I have a new perspective on life."
“Jeremy’s book has given me a new perspective on life. I now love every obstacle presented to me, good or bad. I appreciate every day and have learned to turn everything negative into a positive. Thank you, Jeremy! I am grateful for your wonderful words of wisdom!” ~ Michelle Espitia
Michelle Espitia
Get a new perspective on life!  Get your copy today!
Dana Hockett
"It is very inspiring!"
“I truly enjoyed reading, Jeremy Shares His Love From Above. It is very inspiring! I enjoyed reading about Jeremy’s caring heart and seeing his big beautiful smile!” ~ Dana Hockett 
"This book came to me at the perfect time."
“I would like to thank Rhonda and Jeremy for sharing this uplifting and inspiring book that is filled with love. I cried as I began reading, but then I felt Jeremy’s love and happiness. This book came to me at the perfect time when I was feeling lost from experiencing the passing of several close family members. I realized while reading Jeremy’s book that I had stopped listening to my own divine guidance. I understand now that my life lessons are to learn from my experiences. I realize how important it is to listen to my Soul’s messages. Now I feel so much more gladness, peace, and inspiration that I haven’t felt in a long time!” ~ Lorraine Arensdorff 
Lorraine Arensdorff
Now is the time!  Get your copy today!
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"Awesome read!"
"See what people on social media have shared after reading our book. Awesome read!" ~ Carol Davis
"Encouraging Words"
"God Bless you. Thank you for the encouraging words. Keep up the good work. Have a blessed day." ~ Laverne Johnson
"I couldn’t put it down"
"I purchased the book and couldn’t put it down. A lot that I read in the book, I believe in. The book confirmed it. I know she is with me." ~ Deb Brooks
"I loved this book."
"I loved this book. Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down till I finished it."
 ~Melissa Finley Nix
"I highly recommend it to all."
"I finished this book the day I received it in the mail. I just couldn’t
put it down. It’s a wonderful book that holds a lot of meaning.
Definitely answered some of my questions! I highly recommend it to all."
~ Lori Stevenson
"I started crying cries of happy tears..."
"This book was given to me for a Christmas present last year. As soon as I read the cover I started crying cries of happy tears as I took this book as a sign from my son, Jeremy, who was in an accident on Father’s Day in 2011 and went to Heaven 6 days later at the age of 22. I have read many books on grief. This book I highly recommend. Also as I tell others to keep an open mind and open heart for those we lost too soon as they do send signs and visit in your dreams."
~ Wendy Wetzel-Richardson
"It’s a great book."
"It’s a great book. I’m almost done reading it and so many things
remind me of my son, Jeremy, and a lot of it he has said to me in signs to help me through my grief. Thank you." ~ Janet Sigler
"Absolutely beautiful!"
"Just finished reading this book. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for giving me hope."
~ Laurie Keehr
"It’s helping me."
"Handsome young man. Happy Heavenly birthday, Jeremy. Thank you for your story. My son, Scotty, left this world Sept. 18 th , 2018. Just wanted to say Thank You to you and your mom for writing your book. It’s helping me."
~ Tina Marie Dufault
"A great book!"
"It’s a great book!"
~ Sandy Hamm Bogden
"Very happy with it."
"Got my book today. So hard to stop reading it…real great book. I highlighted a lot of things to remember. Very happy with it."
~ Debbie Botelho
"The workbook really complimented it!"
"I ordered the book and workbook and it was very helpful! The book was beautiful and the workbook really complimented it!"
~ Jennifer Sheades
"Can’t put it down."
"I just received my book and I’m almost done reading it. Can’t put it down. I lost my 21 year old son Jan. 26, 2018 in a car accident and he was ejected. This book resonates with me so much. It’s like my own son talking to me. Thank you so much for this gift!!"
~ Jeannie Wolfe
"Can’t wait to read it"
"Got mine today and can’t wait to read it. When I am through reading it, I will leave a note on the inside cover saying, “thinking of you today. Loss of a love one is never easy, but to know they are still around us. Please share this book with someone who has a hard time of a loss and they shall pass on to someone else, on and on…” We are never alone. We just need that acknowledgement with an open mind to let them back in this spiritual world."
~ Paula P. Price
"Very hard to put down."
"Ordered this for my daughter but I am reading it first. Very hard to put down. Love it. I am hoping it helps her thru this period of my cancer and what happens when I pass. She has trouble grieving but I believe this will help with now and later." ~ Michelle Bratta Cooper
"It is amazing!!!"
"I have already received mine and it is amazing!!!" ~ Deanna Jergens
"This book just made me feel good..."
"This book just made me feel good knowing what life is like after
we leave this Earth. Made me feel closer to my loved ones that have passed on."
~ Bobbi Meikel
"I love this book..."
"I love this book..I had to stop last night when it starts with your loved ones is ok with you moving on to find love again..not ready to read that. Still too soon..but really into it." ~ Andrea Millette-Murray
" helped me so much."
"After reading Jeremy’s book, it helped me so much. I’m on the road to recovery and I fall into slumps but I try quickly to remind myself she’s right there with me and usually I receive a sign that she is.
God bless."
~ Christy Hickerson
"It has helped."
"Thank you so much Rhonda for my book. It has helped." ~ Joyce Borja
"You have no idea how much your pages have helped me…"
"You have no idea how much your pages have helped me…My deepest appreciation to you."
~ Tina Marie Dufault
"Best book ever."
"Best book ever. No issues ordering or receiving. Helped my long days. Thank you!!"
~ Kerry Midland
"amazing book"
"I just finished this amazing book a couple days ago." ~ Debra Kasch
"so special to me"
"My son, Jeremy, died March 17, 2018. Yes, apart of me died also.
Jeremy Shares His Love From Above is so special to me. Thank you!"
~ Sheri Denmon
" I recommend it."
"I just read this book. I liked it. A lot of things he says, I have experienced since I lost my husband in July. I recommend it." ~ Joan Kiernan
"Your son is amazing. He has been helping me with a very serious situation going in my life and I know it is him because of all the signs I see. I just don’t know why he is helping me…" ~ Sandra Lop
As You Can See...
Jeremy Shares His Love From Above Has Already Helped People From All Walks Of Life...
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?
Like I mentioned before, I will cover the Shipping & Handling costs within the U.S. All I ask is that you help me cover the book of $14.97. International customers need to pay $17.97 for shipping.

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I know there are some websites out there that offer you something cool for free, but then stick you into some program that charges your card every month.
This isn't one of them.
There’s NO hidden “continuity program” –and in case you’re wondering why I’m doing this…

Well, there are actually a few reasons…
Jeremy and I want to help as many people as possible to rise above grief so that they can live their BEST LIFE ever on Earth!
Jeremy and I want to help as many people as possible to rise above grief so that they can live their BEST LIFE ever on Earth!
Jeremy and I want to help as many people as possible to rise about grief so that they can live their BEST LIFE ever on Earth!
Time is of the Essence...
Here's why...

We've only printed a few thousands copies of this book, and when they're gone... well, they're gone!

If this page is still here, then the offer is live. But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time.
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